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Most of what can be achieved via FEEDNET is courtesy of open source software. The sheer hard work, altruism and inventiveness of all open source authors is gratefully acknowledged here.




When you connect your home PC, smartphone or other device to a FEEDNET node you will be able to access a variety of services without making use of any public telecommunications between you, the service you are using  or the other operators that are using it.  You must hold an amateur radio licence, restrict your traffic to that which is permitted under the licence and remember that your traffic is not encrypted.

For convenience the FEEDNET team has also provided a route into some of these services from the internet.  This provides some visibility of FEEDNET services via the web is to demonstrate them  more easily to a wider audience and thus to encourage other groups to follow us in developing their own networks comparable to FEEDNET. It is not used to provide real communications - just for experimentation.

You can make your internet-connected PC behave exactly as if were plugged directly into a node by establishing a VPN connection.  Everything that works on the MESH will work in exactly the same way on your PC. This facility is secured by two factor authorisation by means of OATH tokens and is only available to those licenced radio amateurs linked to the project.

VPN VPN access. You need an OpenVPN ovpn client config file, a copy of the server's public certificate, your user name, password and an OATH token (this provides a second password that changes every 30 seconds).

Install OpenVPN on your PC. Obtain a server public certificate and an OVPN config file from the FEEDNET team. Copy them to your OpenVPN config file directory. Click connect and enter your user name when prompted. You are then prompted for your password - enter the fixed part followed by the 6 digit number on your OATH token (all continuous on the same line). Click on OK or press enter. After a few seconds you should be connected. You have the same DNS as users on the network so you can enter in your web browser http://localnode:8080  for example. If your PC has a smartphone connected to it you can also make use of VOIP facilities of FEEDNET.

IRC Chat Our IRC server is running on a Linksys Router which is acting as a node on the FEEDNET network.  It can be accessed by VPN from your internet connected PC. It can be accessed generally from the web but you'll need a password from the FEEDNET team.
Mollify File Server The fileserver is used by RAYNET operators to upload, store and download any kind of files but typically Word Documents and PDFs of operational information used during an exercise, photographs and video clips taken at an incident for collection by Control operators and subsequent passing to user services. Accessible from the VPN.
VOIP VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.  In smple terms its a telephone facility using ordinary Voip telephone handsets.  Our VOIP is intended primarily for use over FEEDNET but of course can be enabled for wider use if necessary. At the moment, VPN access only.
Forth Web Cam This steerable webcam is located in a position overlooking the Firth of Forth. It streams continuously over FEEDNET and other cameras can be added easily at any node location.  The webcam is available when connected through the VPN.
GM4WZG-Belgrade Node Status Page A real-time view of a key FEEDNET node status page.  These status pages help us to understand what connections have been made, how well the network is performing and to advertise services. When someone adds a web cam for example, they don't have to go telling everyone the details - a link to it appears on all node status pages.  Public viewing is limited to the Node status page itself, and the wifi scan showing what wifi signals are competing with the node at that given moment. Clicking on other links will lead to web errors being reported. For proper access a VPN connection can be established = contact FEEDNET team for info.
Feednet Email An email service is available. Everyone knows how to receive and send an email even before they come to Feednet so this is a way of using your existing knowledge and skills in the shortest time possible. Connect to Feednet, configure your email account info and send/receive emails. Easy.

In our case we have made the email addresses callsign@feednet.org.uk accessible both via internet and via RAYNET FEEDNET. So any station connected to a node can send and receive emails to and from the Internet using what is simultaneosly a publicly recognisable internet email address and a private FEEDNET email address.



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Last updated: 02/26/16.