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Most of what can be achieved via FEEDNET is courtesy of open source software. The sheer hard work, altruism and inventiveness of all open source authors is gratefully acknowledged here.




(Note that during events streaming is password protected)

FEEDNET can be used as  a medium for streaming live audio from a radio channel. The radio channel can be selected by either sending DTMF on the existing channel, or by entering details into a web form on this website.

The stream sent out to radio operators over FEEDNET can be simultaneously fed to listeners via the public internet. This can be very useful for our user service who may want to monitor our communications without the complication of needing radios to do so.

If we don't have an event in progress you can try this for yourself now.  Click on the link below and use the login combination guest/guest.

The receiver is a low cost (10) SDR USB device sold as a TV receiver but repurposed as an amateur radio receiver.  It is located in Dalgety Bay on the northern bank of the Forth Estuary. The audio delay is around 5-20 seconds. This is a deliberately long delay.   FEEDNET streaming is configured to provide good quality unbroken sound to a maximum of 100 simultaneous listeners.

Live Streaming Page   Login guest/guest

Remote Control by in-band DTMF.

On-air control of streaming is effected by means of sending DTMF tones on the channel being streamed. These are listed on the live streaming page.

How is it done ?

For the benefit of other groups here is how we do our streaming.



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Last updated: 02/26/16.