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Most of what can be achieved via FEEDNET is courtesy of open source software. The sheer hard work, altruism and inventiveness of all open source authors is gratefully acknowledged here.




Remote Base

What is it ?

A handheld radio interfaced to a Linux single board computer. We chose the Raspberry PI2. In commercial radio systems this would be known as a dispatcher system. It is remote control of the radio. The thing that makes this stand out from other kinds of remote controlled radios is that the interface to the outside world is based on VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

A telephone user connected to FEEDNET either directly at a node site or via the internet link can operate the radio remotely. In practice, the telephone caller dials 12345 on their telephone and they are immediately placed into a conference call with other participants.  All participants can monitor the VHF/UHF radio. If a participant wants to speak over the VHF/UHF radio all he/she has to do is press "*" which serves as a push-to-talk button.

Technical Info

Baofeng UV5R Radio 20

Raspberry PI 2          30

CM119 Soundcard       10


See here for details of the hardware switch to powerdown the PI safely.






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