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Most of what can be achieved via FEEDNET is courtesy of open source software. The sheer hard work, altruism and inventiveness of all open source authors is gratefully acknowledged here.




In-band 70cm Feednet VOIP Repeater

What is it ?

It is a standard FM in-band repeater.  It also provides a means of connecting the telephone system to users of typical handheld FM radios. Use of DTMF by any operator will permit a phone anywhere on the network to be connected.  If the public data network is up and running it can connect to other repeaters via the internet. Alternatively put a data link in place using radio - perhaps a point to point at 128K or use FEEDNET technoloy.

Control facilities include one time PIN codes for secure DTMF remote control, CTCSS access, Enable/Disable functions and all the usual repeater courtesy tones and timer.

Technical Info

Two Motorola GM350 UHF 128 Channel radios - 25W 100% duty cyle (with additional cooling to Motorola standards) - 75 * 2

BeagleBone Black Microcomputer running Arch Linux, Asterisk VOIP and Apt-Rpt software. 25

Arduino 2560 with touch screen TFT controller - 40

UHF duplexer with 9Mhz split - 50




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