Forth Estuary Experimental Data NETwork


FEEDNET is a project with the aim of developing a MESH data network covering the Forth Estuary and its environs.

FEEDNET is operated by volunteers who use their technical skills and knowledge to assist the local community in times of need.

They do this by providing additional means of communication to the public sector agencies responsible for resilience and continuity planning

FEEDNET is independent of the public internet and therefore provides a resilient method of communication in the event of major outage of public systems.

FEEDNET is built and managed by radio amateurs, the majority of them members of RAYNET-UK.  Just one tool in RAYNET’s armory of resilient communications, the MESH network is built on several key fixed backbone links connecting important locations 24×7. Network coverage is then tailored to meet specific demands by sending out RAYNET=UK mobile operators to run temporary nodes.

The MESH nodes that form FEEDNET are self discovering, self configuring, self advertising and fault tolerant.  Most tasks that you can do over a wired or wireless network at your home or office can be done on our network.  

FEEDNET is NOT an alternative to commercial services for general communications. It is an experimental system.  It is a means for RAYNET to provide its services to its users. These services comprise file sharing facilities, email, webcams, IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and a VOIP telephone service accessible across the network.  Click on the Feednet Services menu link to find out more.